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Banner Arms

Spec Sheet

Specifications & Features

Construction: The banner arm is welded or threads into a mounting plate or a post clamp. All welding is per ANSI/AWS D1.2-90. All welders are certified per ANSI/AWS D1.2-90 Section 5. Materials: The end caps and clamp-ons are copper-free cast aluminum produced from certified ASTM ingot. The banner arm and mounting plate are aluminum, ASTM 6061, heat treated to a T6 temper. All hardware is stainless steel. Installation: Pemco’s banner arms are round extruded schedule 80 aluminum pipe with removable cast aluminum end cap. The bolt-on banner arm bolts to a mounting channel on the side of the post with four stainless steel screws. The clamp-on mountings clamp around the post, secured with two 1/4” hex head stainless steel bolts. (Post diameter at mounting point must be specified.) Clamp mounts feature the same basic coupling for 4” and 5”, and are also available in a custom size for larger poles. A minimum mounting height of 10 feet is recommended for the bottom banner arm. Arms are not designed for pedestrian interference. Bottom eyebolts and banner arms with breakaway couplings are optional and recommended because of the wind load from the banner. Optional eyebolts screw directly into the banner arm. Clampon eyebolts are also available (ordered separately--see page 2). Dimensions: Banner arms are available in 3/4” SCH 80 Pipe (1.05 OD). Standard length is 24”. Custom lengths are available (must be specified at time of order). Finish: Super durable polyester powder coat finish. Custom finishes available, including patinas and all RAL colors. Warranty: 5 year limited warranty